Lantern Park

Eco Friendly Sky Lanterns

Eco Friendly To Both Land And Sea. 

Our Lanterns Are Made Of All Natural Products, Metal Free, And Also Flammable Liquid And Gas Free Materials. 

Sky Lantern Materials Consist Of; Rice Paper, A Bamboo Ring, Natural Fiber (Hemp) String, And A Bee’s Wax Cake For The Fuel Cell.

Our Tracking & Clean-up Policy Below.

Lantern Tracking & Cleanup

Lantern Park uses Premium ECO Friendly Sky Lanterns that are manufactured in America.

Details; Our Sky Lanterns are made with Eco Friendly Rice Paper, Bamboo Ring, Natural Fiber (hemp) String, and a small Bee’s Wax Cake As The Fuel cell.

Clean Up; We have a “No Lantern Left Behind Policy”, we have our cleanup team stationed out in the landing zone ready to collect every lantern as they begin to descend.

We track our lanterns flight with 4 Mavic 3T Enterprise Drones, so we know exactly where every lantern lands, and we hold trial runs to test and determine where the lanterns will land before the event happens.

Safety; Today’s Sky Lanterns pose no harm to animals or the environment as they are not made with the materials of the past as claimed in other countries. We do not attempt to release lanterns when the wind is above 7 mph, we do not release them in the rain, or in extreme heat, or when there are burn bans in effect. Sky Lanterns are like hot air balloons, the fire is used for them to take flight, and the lantern doesn’t begin to descend until the fuel cell is barely lit, therefore they will not fall prematurely and catch anything on fire.

We also only hold releases on large land where the lanterns don’t fly off, and won’t start a fire anywhere.