Lantern Park

Lantern Park

Desert Music Festival & Sky Lantern Release

July 4th - 6th

Welcome To Lantern Park

Lantern Park is an event resort, Music Festival and the largest desert sky lantern festival in the world. Lantern Park is home to Craig Raceway, a dirt track, with races starting summer 2024. When we’re not holding Lantern releases or races, we host large festivals, and other sports type events.

Lantern Park

Desert Sky Lantern festival

The past has gone and is unchangeable, no matter how much we may want to, and the future is yet to be written and totally uncertain. The here and now is what matters. Lantern Park is a serene time to let go of the past, the stress of everyday life, and a positive way to escape the chaos of the world while also sending out positive energy for the future.

The magic in letting go of the past, and putting forth the future, comes from the heart, your energy put into it creates the beauty and magic.

Homemade Chocolate Smores with Marshmallows

Two woman in the crowd at a music festival

What People Say

Last year was absolutely amazing! Not only was the lantern release the most beautiful thing, but the festival design was like no other. Will definitely attend in 2023.

Regina Alisson Event Attendee

Lanter Park blew my mind at how beautiful and well organized it was. Vendors were set up in perfect high traffic areas, and my photos sold out within the first two hours. Catch me there in 2023.

Jasmin Clark Vendor

Great Festival! I bought a proposal package to propose to my fiancé and Lantern Park made it perfect. Kudos to LP. Plan to attend for our 1 year anniversary.

John Williamson Event Attendee

Lantern Park

Lantern Safety & Cleanup

Lantern Park has a very strict lantern safety and cleanup policy. Details listed below

Eco Friendly

Lantern Parks Sky Lanterns Are Eco Friendly To Both Land And Sea. 

Our Lanterns Are Made Of All Natural Products, Metal Free, And Also Flammable Liquid And Gas Free Materials. 

Lantern Materials; Rice Paper, A Bamboo Ring, Natural Fiber (hemp) String, And A Bee’s Wax Cake Fuel Cell.

Check Out Our Tracking & Clean-up Policy Here.

Tracking & Cleanup

Clean Up; We have a “No Lantern Left Behind Policy”, we have our cleanup team stationed out in the landing zone ready to collect every lantern as they begin to descend.

We track our lanterns flight with 4 Mavic 3T Enterprise Drones, so we know exactly where every lantern flies and lands. We hold a trial run before the event date to test and determine where the lanterns will land. More Information found here

Kerosene lantern


General Question

Yes! Everyone attending needs either an adult or kids pass to enter the festival grounds. We do not have spectator passes, however, in the future we will have virtual passes to watch our live stream.

Yes! Our first priority is to hold a safe event for all attendees, which could mean postponing the event to a later date during a storm, or excessively high wind speed. If a postponement required, we will hold the release at the next soonest date available. Your passes will automatically transfer to the next date. With being a black rock desert, we don't see needing a possible reschedule for the event.

Yes! We have a no lantern left behind policy and also track our lanterns flight with drones. All sky lanterns are collected and then recycled and used in other projects.

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