Lantern Park

Lantern Park

Desert Music Festival & Sky Lantern Release

June 15th & 16th


Saturday & Sunday

June 15th & 16th


Black Rock Desert

Nevada, Close to Winnemmuca


One Day, Two Day, Weekend , VIP, Over 21 Tiki Bar , Parking

Desert Music Festival

& Sky Lantern Release

Two of your favorite types of events rolled into one, and if you’ve never been to a lantern release, here’s your chance for both. Set in the desert out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s the place to be to chill, grill, dance, and have fun.


Admission Passes

Each Individual MUST Have Their Own Admission Pass To Attend The Event.


Admission For One Individual For One Day!


VIP Admission For One Day + Glamour Studio For One Person.


General Admission For One Day With One Dog Or Cat.


Admission For One Individual For Two Days.


VIP Admission For Two Days + Glamour Studio For One Person.


General Admission For Two Days With One Dog Or Cat.

Festival Schedule

Release in April

Lantern Park Spaces

Standart Tent

Tent, Sleeping bags, Lamp, Small, Fire Pit, Wood, Smore Kit.

Van Camping

Parking Sopt to park and camp


Glamping Tent With Bed, Bedding, Lights, Table, seating, Fire pit, Wood, smore kit for two

Glamp. Camp, or Van Camp With Us.

Lantern Park is working with Wicked Campground to offer Glamping, Van Camping, and Tent Camping so you can hang out all night and not have to drive home. This is perfect if you live far away, want the experience instead of going to a hotel, or just don’t want to drive anywhere. Spots are limited so be sure you reserve your spot. If you would like a hotel room instead we are working deals with close hotels for discounts.

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Activities Lineup

We’re partnering with other events to bring some of the most Iconic events you loved from the past, and present. View our full list of activities.

Glamor Zone
VIP Glamour Studio

Get Pampered and picture perfect for the selfie village and festival. Get Your Hair and Makeup done by pros and maybe even find a cool costume your size.


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