Lantern Park

Yes! Everyone attending needs to have an admission pass to enter. 

No! Sky Lanterns are regulated like fireworks, therefor everyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian, who must sign a waiver for you to release a sky lantern. They must also help you release it.

YES! Each vehicle needs to have a paid parking pass, which must be purchased at the same time admission passes are purchased, otherwise your order will be cancelled. If you are riding with someone else but purchasing your own admission pass separately, please send us an email to let us know the order number of your ride, otherwise your order will be canceled.

Sorry but outside food and beverages are not allowed. Unopened plastic bottles of water is allowed.

NO! For security purposes we do not allow attendees to be dropped off, and unfortunately we do not have any shuttle options from any locations.

Yes! We are Fur Baby friendly and have a section set up just for those with pets (limit 2) cat's and dog areas are separated. These sections are away from our general area, and spaced out so spots are limited. 

Requirements; All pets must be on a leash at all times. Leashes must be held by adults, not children. Cages must be brought so you can safely secure your fur baby while you release your sky lantern and to provide them with a soft place to lay with their food and water inside their cage to rest during the event. 

Are Cats welcome?

YES! Same rules applies to cats, all must have a harness and leash on at all times, cages also applies to cats for the same reasons.


Lantern park has very strict laws we must follow to safely and legally release sky lanterns in. 

Rain; A slight mist would not affect the release however if it's raining more than a mist, the lanterns will not take off or fly.

Wind: We have a MAX wind speed of 10 mph we can release sky lanterns in legally.

Tornadoes, etc; the event will not be held that day

We will not be the one to determine that the event can not be held legally due to weather, and we will have a makeup date within two weeks of the current event date.

No! Ticket protection is a scam so we don't offer it!

We do have a Fan To Fan Network you can sell your passes through, and are creating a buy back option as well. Both options are free to use